Stat Stick | VESC LED HUD


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Stat Stick HUD Shows status info for your VESC and duty cycle on LED so you can always stay in the safe zone.

Built to be as small as and light as possible so you can leave it on your helmet. Made with rubber and stiff composite TPU you don’t have to worry about a fall (it happens even to the best of us)


  • Start up tune in sync with LED start up sequence
  • buzzes with varying frequency past RED LED high duty cycle


  • Green – 60% duty cycle
  • Blue – 75% duty cycle
  • Red – 90% duty cycle
  • Yellow – Display battery is very low may turn off any time
  • Purple – Disconnected from transmitter
  • Flashes Red, green, blue, for start up sequence


  • On time
  • Signal stangth (can reach 40ft)
  • Vesc battery life
  • Speed
  • Motor duty cycle (effectively power available to keep you up)
  • Max speed of ride session
  • Average speed
  • Range (miles)
  • Trip distance (miles)
  • Motor temperature
  • MOSFET temperature



  • Turn switch to on while plugged in
  • Red light under M button will turn on, is solid when fully charged (takes about a hour and half)


  • Short press – turn on display for 10 seconds
  • Long press – keep screen on

You can get additional transmitters for multiple VESC’s
The display will lock onto whichever signal it receives first and you can change which VESC it is locked onto by hitting the reset button.

The transmitter uses the Uart port of your vesc controller so currently not compatible with a remote tilt.

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

Transmitter, Transmitter + Display ~ 2.5 hour battery life, Transmitter + Display ~ 5 hour battery life

VESC Battery (for batt % estmation)

Stock XR, CBXR, Stock Pint, Stock GT, Pint x, Quart, 18s2p ME4T, 18s2p (P45B Cells), 20s2p (P28A Cells), 18s2p (P42A Cells), Custom WH and cell count (email me you battery info)


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