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Plug & Play

No soldering required on pints minimal soldering for XRs

Unlocks Battery

Unlocks battery expansion capabilities on Pints and XRs.

Battery Percentage

Displays correct battery percentage in the official Onewheel app.

Use Any BMS

Defeats BMS <-> Controller pairing and allows you to use different serial number BMS in your board.

Individual Cell Voltage

Shows various stats about your battery on a web page through WiFi - Voltage, current, individual cell voltages and more.

Owie Software

Software from Owie



Feel free to send us an email contact.avaspark@gmail.com
Discord – 4_fools

The open source software project https://github.com/lolwheel/Owie

The hardware Plugs into your board

Yes, you can unplug it on the pint without a trace and on the XR it can be undone easily with some soldering.

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