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Comes with

  • Main AvaSpark RGB board
  • Connector break out board
  • Additional connectors
  • Stand off for Pint or GT mounting

Custom WLED Features

  • Infinite Colors and 230 + effects and animations
  • Forward, Backward, and idle animations
  • Change presets based on duty cycle (for slowing down or going fast)
  • Free fall drop detection animation
  • Humidity sensor (detect water from inside before it destroys your board)
  • Separate forward, backward, idle and standing up presets
  • Added WLED effects to display board info (battery %, humidity, temperature)

Main board – 51mm * 30mm
Breakout board – 40mm * 20mm

Works on all Vesc controllers, (made to be as plug in play as possible with ubox 100v)
*need to supply your own 5v if using lilfocer

Power converter

12v to 5v adapter board (for ubox), none

Footpad LED board

GT/Pint footpad RGB LED bar, None


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