VESC parts for GT,XR,Pint


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All VESC parts here.
if you have any questions or need a part that is not listed please contact us at [email protected]

big thanks to WillD for the inspiration which this kit is loosely based from with all the tedious parts and connectors pre soldered check out his youtube

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Pint/GT Footpad connector, XR Motor Connector, XR footpad / hall sensor (plug and play), Pint Motor connector (Plug and play), Pint Motor connector (kit no connector), Ubox 100v pint mount + thermal pad, Pint fuse and diodes (for use with no BMS), Pint/XR battery breakout board, VESC Pint Toggle button (no modification), 5V XR RGB LED, Ubox 100v + Uart BLE + wire kit + 60A fuse, GT Metal lil foccer/tronic 250/250r mount, GT battery breakout board, XR Flow glider lid, XR 16 pin Harness connector (plug and play stock BMS), XR 16 pin Harness connector (no wires attached), XT30, XT60, XT90 anti spark, thermal pad for ubox100v, cable gland + motor cable heat shrink 1ft, 4mm bullet connectors set of 3, LED window, Rion vesc (rebrand lilfocer)


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