Pint/PintX VESC Full Kit


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Everything you need to Vesc your Pint or PintX

Kit comes with

  • Ubox 100v in Metal housing (with power connector to fit Pint harness)
  • Bluetooth module
  • Foot pad Connector
  • Motor Connector
  • Button (fits Pint housing with no modification) or stock button adapter (push for 1/2 sec to turn on, push for 2 sec and release to turn off, 10 min auto shut off)
  • Ubox 100v mount
  • Thermal pad
  • BMS Fuse 60A
  • Owie for cell monitoring
BMS Parts

Owie (if using stock BMS), Balance Breakout (if using different BMS), No BMS parts


Toggle button (no light), stock button adapter (auto shut off after 10 min of inactivity)


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