Front and back Leds XR,Pint,GT


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Current Batch of 23 RGBW LED bars have incorrect pinout labeling follow the pinout sticker provided!!

XR RGBW  – 23 bright sk6812c RGBW individually addressable LEDs fits inXR, GT and Pint (with 20 LED’s)!

AvaSpark Laser Beam  – 18 mini individually addressable RGB LEDs and 4 ultra bright LEDs.
Fits in XR, GT, and Pint/X, front housings. Also works with stock pint as a bright light upgrade.

AvaSpark Laser Beam – high beams are controlled as 1st LED in segment as blue channel.

Comes with 3 pin GH 1.25mm connector with each LED bar

Compatible with

  • AvaSpark RGB LED controller
  • Lilfocer v4
  • rESCue
  • Ugland
  • WLED
  • Thor (needs 5v input)

LED windows can be found here

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

1- RGBW, 2- RGBW, RGBW + AvaSpark Laser Beam, 1-AvaSpark Laser Beam, 2-AvaSpark Laser Beam, LED Window


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