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Owie-Gum Stick XR/Pint

Owie-Gum Stick XR/Pint

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PINT version comes with 2 Sided tape *not shown*

"XR" version works in Pint or XR Battery box.

Includes Money back 30-day guarantee*


  • Plug and play no soldering required on pint™ minimal soldering for XR™
  • Unlocks battery expansion capabilities on Pint™ and XR™.
  • Displays correct battery percentage in the official Onewheel™ app.
  • Defeats BMS <-> Controller pairing and allows you to use any Pint™ or XR™ BMS in your board.
  • Shows various stats about your battery on a web page through Wi-Fi - Voltage, current, individual cell voltages and more.
  • Supports future firmware updates via Wi-Fi - no need to reopen your board.
  • Adds password protection to your board
  • software from Owie
*Shipping not included, must be installed per installation instructions, does not cover forgotten Wi-Fi passwords, must ship back at own expense.
We are in no way affiliated with Future Motion Inc. Onewheel™, Onewheel XR™, Onewheel Pint™, Onewheel Plus™, etc are registered trademarks of Future Motion Inc. Installation of our mod will void your FM™ warranty. By purchasing our mod you are assuming all liability and risk.
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