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Leds for XR,Pint,GT

Leds for XR,Pint,GT

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all lights Fit in stock XR, GT, and Pint front and back boxes!

XR RGBW  - 23 bright sk6812c RGBW individually addressable LEDs fits inXR, GT and Pint (with 20 LED's)!
AvaSpark Laser Beam  - 13 individually addressable RGB LEDs and 4 ultra bright LEDs.

Fits in XR, GT, and Pint/X, AV box, fungi premade box, housings.

Also works with stock pint as a bright light upgrade.
AvaSpark Laser Beam - high beams are controlled as 1st LED in segment as blue channel.
Comes with 3 pin GH 1.25mm connector with each LED bar
Compatible with

  • AvaSpark RGB LED controller
  • Lilfocer v4
  • rESCue
  • Ugland
  • WLED
  • Thor300
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Syler Clayton
Good high beams

Not only does my partner love them, but I did a vesc conversion for my friend @onewheelwanderer and he commented how it was nice to have brights in his GT again (his previous stock GT had broken high beams).

super bright

Syler's partners review of the laser beams "it's nice having actual headlights, the others were a joke in comparison"